Winter in Estonia - Ski Marathon

It's Winter in Estonia! It means Winter Sports time!
If you already practiced Ice Skating and Skiing, it's time for the ultimate winter challenge - Run a Winter Cross Country Ski Marathon!

38. Tartu Maraton (15.02.09) - 63/31km (Classic Style)
Tartu Ski Marathon, the most important winter marathon of Estonia, hosted in Tartu region every year, from Otepää to Elva. This year, with more than 5000 participants.

XII Tallinn Suusamaraton (22.02.09) - 48/24km (Open Style)
Tallinn Ski Marathon, happens every year in Harju region (near Aegvidu, a small village 55km away from Tallinn), presents a little easier challenge.

So, have you ever run a marathon? Over snow? Add your comments!

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