Winter in Estonia - Skiing

Estonia is a very popular resort for Skiing!
But as the highest mountain of Estonia is only 318 meters high, we are talking about Cross Country Ski!.
This sport is very popular in Estonia, and on the last Winter Olympic Games, all Estonian gold medals were in Cross-Country Skiing!

In Tallinn, there are many winter tracks for Cross-Country Skiing. Renting of the full equipment (boots, skis and poles) is available for good prices (usually 50 eek), and if you have your own equipment, you can just come and ski as long as you want for free!

Nõmme Sport Center (Külmallika 15) - Nõmme Sport Center is open every day (08.00 - 22.00) and has 4 tracks for cross country skiing in Winter (from 1 km till 5 km). The access is not easy by buss or public transport, but has well kept and illuminated tracks, and places for beginners to practice. See the temperature and amount of snow in Nõmme (in Estonian).

Pirita Sport Center (Rummu tee 3) - Pirita Sport Center is open everyday (10:00 - 20:00) and has 2 tracks for cross country skiing (2km and 4km). With easier access by public transportation, but not so easy tracks for beginners. See the temperature and amount of snow in Pirita (in Estonian).

By the way, did you know that every winter, the FIS (International Ski Federation) hosts the Cross-Country Ski World Cup in Otepää, the "Winter Capital" of Estonia?

Do you have any other good places to ski in Tallinn? Tell us in the comments!

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