Working in Estonia - Tax Declaration

Estonia is famous for E-Government, flat income tax rate, decreasing since 2004 (21% in 2008). From February 15 till March 31, Estonians fill their Tax Report (Online at Maksu- ja Tolliamet - Estonian Tax and Customs Board),  in order to receive their tax refund (within 5 working days!). 
Unfortunately, the Online Form is available only in Estonian or Russian, but with some easy steps, you also can make your Tax Declaration!

  1. Login using your ID-Card/Phone ID-Card or Bank account.
  2. Click on "Tuludeklaratsioonid", then "2008".
  3. Review your personal data, typing the current address at "Postiaadress". Click "Salvesta", then click "Edasi".
  4. Verify your income and tax data, and add your deductions. Usually, all the information is filled and correct, it means you can simply click on "Edasi".
  5. Review all the entered information. Everything should be fine, just press "Edasi". You can go to previous pages pressing "Tagasi".
  6. The total of tax refund you will receive will be written, and you can see the refund calculation by pressing "Vaata arvutuskäiku". Here you verify your banking data, where your refund will be deposited. There will be 2 checkboxes, leave them blank. Click on "Edasi".
  7. Last page, where you review Bank data, and clicking on "Kinnita" and then OK, you finished your Tax Declaration. Now just wait for the Tax Refund money! Easy, isn't?

6 February – you can view the pre-populated income tax return in the e-Tax Board. Check the data and amend or update them if necessary.

16 February – submission of pre-populated electronic income tax returns from the website of the Tax and Customs Board starts.

26 February – refunding overpaid income tax on the basis of the electronically submitted income tax returns starts.

31 March – final deadline for submission of income tax returns. You can submit the tax return electronically or on paper.

1 July or 1 October – the final deadline for returning overpaid income tax if the tax return is subject to additional inspection. The Tax Board will inform you about the need for additional inspection from the day following the day you submitted your tax return.

If you want, you can review or re-enter the Tax Form, on the same website. Did yo have any problems, any doubts? Add your comments!


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