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If you are beginning to learn Estonian, a good language teacher can do wonders! Many foreigners I've met learned a basic Estonian (that they could speak and understand with people in the streets) before the end of one study semester (not my case, though).

Of course you can learn in the Estonian Universities (like Tartu University and Tallinn University), but they are usually more expensive and don't offer many time options. A good hint is to go for an Estonian Language School. There you will meet others foreigners interested in Estonia from many different parts of the world (and it's helpful when your colleagues know English and other languages, like Russian or German). Usually, you pay a semester fee (around 2500 eek) for 2 classes per week, with 2 academic hours (45 min) per class, and get the materials for your level.

Language Centers in Tallinn

TEA Language Center has been teaching foreign languages, such as English, German, Finnish, and Estonian, since it was established in 1988. In 1991, due to a lack of high quality foreign language textbooks, TEA Publishers was established. The languages currently taught at TEA Language School are: English, Estonian, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic.

The ILS group of schools was established in 1998 in Tallinn, with our sister schools in Riga and Vilnius, we are able to offer a truly Pan-Baltic Service. Whoever you are and whatever you do International Language Services will try to provide the language course for you. At ILS we aim to provide top quality language training at prices which are affordable.

Language Centers in Tartu

Tartu RahvaÜlikool
Tartu Folk High School Training Centre offers training courses for adults. Our school is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, or learn something new in order to cope with life. Language Courses: English, Estonian as foreign language, French, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch.

Dialoog offer possibilities to study Estonian, Russian, English, and the Finnish languages in Estonia. As you can see, we are offering the same services as others, but if you value professionalism, flexibility, and accuracy, you are in the right place. In addition, we already have 14-years experience in offering these services.

In Estonia, the academic year starts on September till December (Autumn semester), then a short winter break, returning in February till June (Spring Semester). It's always better to start from September, so schedule yourself!

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