Traveling to Estonia - By Plane II

So, you want to come to Estonia, but using a more adventurous route?

Why not come from one of the neighbors countries? Now that Estonia is in Schengen, you can travel to Helsinki or Riga (cities with bigger Airports) and then come to Estonia easily.


Helsinki is separated only by 80 kilometers of Baltic sea from Tallinn (some say that on bright summer days, one can see Helsinki from Tallinn TV Tower) and the Vantaa Airport has very good connections with many cities in the world. Like in Tallinn, Port of Helsinki is very close to the city center, with great transport service. Finland use Euros, and you can easily communicate in English with anyone. Just remember that Finland has Nordic prices (more expensive than the Baltics).

- FinnAir
The biggest Finnish Airline, with good prices and service. Offers destinations to North America (New York and Toronto), Europe and Asia.


Riga, considered the hub of Baltics, is around 300Km from Tallinn. There you find more airlines (and more low cost airlines). But pay attention to some details:
- Latvia currency is Lats (1 Lat is aproximately 1.5 Euro).
- It's harder to get by with only English in Latvia (speaking Russian helps);
- Riga has a Bus Station right next to the city center, but the Riga Airport is not so close. You have to go by bus or taxi (and it can get expensive);

- Air Baltic
The biggest Latvian Airline, with good prices and service. Connects Riga to more than 50 cities in Africa, Asia and Europe (also many cities in Russia).

- Ryan Air
A Irish low cost Airline that connects Riga with some European cities like London, Milan, Frankfurt and Stockholm. You can find tickets for 1 euro (plus taxes), but be careful with traps, like extra luggage.

So, here you are! With more choices, you can enjoy a different trip, and spending some time at the neighbors capitals you should be able to answer: Estonia looks more like a Baltic country,or a Nordic country?

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