Tere (Hi)!

This is a tool for anyone that wants to come, lives in, or just want to know more about Estonia.

The starting point is Estonia in Wikipedia, but if you want something less veridical, there's Estonia on Uncyclopedia. For a closer look, check also the official tourism info website.

Here you will find information about Estonian and Estonians, Culture, Language, Geography, Economics, History, and anything that is useful to understand better Estonia, for foreigners like me. That's why English is the main language (but don't be scared if you find some Estonian words).

I'm a Brazilian, living and working in Tartu - Estonia since 2006. I think I have some experience to share about Estonia, and I'm open to discussion. If you have a better idea, or you disagree, comment!


Luiz Ribeiro said...

Show! Ja adicionei o feed no meu reader ;)

katya said...

здравей, my dear brasilian manager!
great idea you start here! i'll be following it carefully:)) keep on!

Manuel Anaya said...

Man, this blog rocks and rolls all day long! it's amazing to see what some good free time at working hours and a lot of imagination can create! :) I would like to get involved more actively on your blog!

Felipe Costa said...

Olá amigo,

Estou indo para Tartu e gostaria de trocar umas ideias.
Meu email é fsc7mail [at] gmail [dot] com
Poderia escrever-me.