Dangerous Estonia - Tick

Long sunny days (with some rain), warm weather, it's summer in Estonia. Perfect time for being outside, enjoying Estonian sun and nature. But nothing is perfect, and you should be aware of one of the biggest danger in Estonia - Ticks.

Puuk (in estonian) are very small and usually live in thick grasses or forests (sometimes dropping from high trees). If you have just came from nature, search your body carefully for this little creatures. They like warm places like body joints. Be careful to remove them without squeezing the body, to avoid unwanted parasites in your body.

Why they are so dangerous? They carry with them some nasty diseases, like encephalitis and borreliosis. But only if they are infected, and usually there is no problem if removed and disinfected within 24h.

So, enjoy the summer, the beautiful and wild Estonian Nature, but play it safe!

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